Speech and Drama :

These exams cover assessment of abilities in speech, spoken interpretation and dramatic performance. Whereas various kinds of dramatic activity are included, there is particular focus on the use of voice and speech.

Performing Text:

This subject concentrates on the effective spoken interpretation of text. Preparation for these exams contributes to the development of knowledge and understanding of literature.

Communication Skills:

These exams assess the candidate's ability to engage with analytical and critical thoughts, to persuade, to negotiate and to explain ideas in a logical and coherent manner. Candidates are required to listen with care, speak with clarity and understanding and to show an awareness of the importance of interpersonal skills.

Musical Theatre:

This involves the integration of drama, music and choreographed movement. The syllabus encourages individuality of approach and creativity required to listen with care, speak with clarity and understanding and to show an awareness of the importance of interpersonal skills.


This is a unique programme devised specially for the very young children to develop in them finer sensibilities. The objective is to impart to the children formal learning in music, make them eloquent in English, help them overcome inhibitions and express themselves through dramatics and rhythmical movement, and expose them to ample art and craft ideas.Type your paragraph here.

Guitar :

The school conforms to a syllabus specially designed by Hitesh Madan that encompasses all aspects of the instrument.

In all instruction covered in the Guitar Department, emphasis is placed on achieving a solid foundation in the standard technical challenges of professional performance, including scales, chords, reading, improvisation, interpretation, and standard repertoire. Also included is intensive training in sight-reading and in the understanding of chord voicing.

The grade-wise system is designed to showcase instrumental performance across a range of popular styles

Drumset :

Drummers learn rudiments, basic theory of time and meter, intricate rhythmic concepts, playing techniques drum set chart/lead sheet reading, time feels, improvisation, brush technique, and approach to creative soloing.

Electronic Keyboard :

Apart from the necessary scales, arpeggios, technical exercises as well as materials designed to help you master the many combinations of classical, jazz, pop, and rock styles common in today's music, we also provide intensive training in sight-reading and in chord symbol terminology.

Western Vocal :

It encompasses experiential learning with proper guidance on myriad dimensions of singing like vocal health and how to increase your range, breathing techniques, music theory, sight singing, harmonizing, composing and songwriting.Type your paragraph here.

Hindustani Vocal :

The syllabus in Hindustani vocals essentially involves training in pure classical music including raag, khayal. The course also includes technical voice training and light classical music (which includes thumri, dadra). And for the very young learners (children below 6 years) the department follows a specially designed course that helps in the orientation towards serious learning in the later stage.